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Step 1: Complete Advanced e-learning modules

1) To start your Advanced Training, you will be required to complete e-learning modules which make up the ‘E-Advanced Core’. You will need to complete these modules before attending the Joey Advanced Practical Supplement residential weekend. The E-Advanced Core consists of the following modules:

  • Intro to Advanced Leadership Training
  • Advanced Personal Skill Development
  • Advanced ScoutSafe
  • Growing Your Group (compulsory elective)
  • Advanced Scouting Fundamentals
  • Programming for Personal Growth
  • World Scouting & Cultural Diversity (compulsory elective)

2) After completing your E-Advanced Core, you will be required to complete the ‘Advanced Joey Sectional Techniques’ e-learning module.

  • Advanced Organisational Knowledge

3) Leaders in all sections are also required to complete any two e-Learning electives that have not already been covered by Basic or Advanced e-learning (this excludes the Patrol System which is embedded in E-Basic Core across all Sections and the two compulsory electives eWorld & eGrow).

You will need to complete ALL online modules before attending the Advanced Practical Supplement residential weekend.

Step 2: Attend the Joey Advanced Practical Supplement residential weekend

The Joey Advanced Practical residential weekend is where you will build on your skills and knowledge in a practical environment. On this course, you will be setting goals and aims that you will need to achieve as part of the Wood Badge project of approximately 10 hours. To apply for the residential weekend, you will need to complete an L1 Training Course application and submit this to [email protected]. By the end of the residential weekend, the following needs to have been completed:

  • The Wood Badge Goal Setting Sheet for the project
  • The Commissioner’s Evaluation

Step 3: Complete the Wood Badge Project

To complete the Wood Badge Project, you will need to achieve the goals and aims you have previously set for yourself at the residential weekend. Your project will need to be signed-off by your Course Leader.

Step 4: Receive your Wood Badge

After completing your Joey Leader Advance Training, you will be awarded with your Wood Badge and become part of the international membership of 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group.  You will receive:

  • The Wood Badge certificate
  • The Gilwell Scarf
  • The Wood Beads

Scouts Institute of Training (SAIT) offers the Certificate IV in Leadership & Management which closely aligns with Advanced Training. If you are interested and wanting to know more information, please click here.

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