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Step 1: Complete Basic e-learning modules
1) To start your Basic Training, you will be required to complete e-learning modules which make up the ‘E-Basic Core’ and are completed by all leaders across the different sections. The E-Basic Core consists of the following eleven modules:

  • How Scouting Began
  • Intro to Basic Leadership Training
  • Basic Scouting Knowledge
  • Basic ScoutSafe
  • The USP of Scouting
  • Personal Skills Development
  • Basic Leadership
  • WHS and Scouting
  • Child Safe Scouting
  • Elementary Navigation
  • Introduction to the Patrol System

2) After completing your E-Basic Core, you will be required to complete the following four ‘E-Basic Joey Sectional Techniques’ online modules:

  • Basic Sectional Knowledge
  • Basic Organisational Management
  • Basic Programming
  • Basic Outdoors and the Environment

You will need to complete both sets of modules before attending the Joey Basic Practical Supplement residential weekend.

Step 2: Attend the Joey Basic Practical Supplement residential weekend
The Joey Basic Practical Supplement residential weekend is a face-to-face weekend course where you will apply your skills and knowledge in a practical environment and meet fellow like-minded Leaders. To apply for the residential weekend, you will need to complete an L1 Training Course application and submit this to [email protected]

Step 3: Complete Joey in-service training
In-service is the ‘on-the-job’ component of your training. As part of your in-service, you will become an active member of your Scout Group and shadow your current leaders.

In-service requires you to:

  • Attend and minute meetings
  • Program activities
  •  Program evaluations

After completing your in-service you will be need to complete the L10 Joey In-Service form and submit this to your Region Office.

Step 4: Receive your Certificate of Adult Leadership
Once you have completed your training you will receive your Certificate of Adult Leadership at a group level. This is a Scouting document that gives worldwide recognition of the completion of Basic Adult Leader Training. Scouts Institute of Training (SAIT) offers the Certificate III in Business which closely aligns with Basic Training. If you are interested and want to know more information, please click here. 

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