How do I prepare for State Rally?

Although Scouts will not have to carry their packs between the RACs, there are space restrictions. This is a lightweight camp and Scouts must camp in hike tents and cook on portable hike stoves. There is no space for full-sized stand up tents.


State Rally has an element of hiking and you might be asked to bush-bash through some activities.  During the day, you will make your way to various activities and you could end up walking quite a long way. You and your Patrol will need to prepare for this, practice hiking, carrying a day pack, wear the shoes on the practice hike that you are going to wear to State Rally.

Everyone has different stamina and strength; while some in your Patrol are exhausted others will be happily jogging up hills.

You should set your Patrols pace to the slowest member as you must stay together for safety.


The State Rally weekend could be three days of fine sunny weather, or it could be (and has been in the past) three days of heavy rain and strong winds. Most likely it will rain at least one day, perhaps more and it will be cold at night. You need to prepare for this by having adequate footwear, rain gear, and a decent tent. If not, you may end up with blisters and spend the weekend wet and cold, which can be very dangerous. There are no facilities to dry your gear out at State Rally.


You must spend the entire event together as a Patrol. You cannot split up for any reason. You need to get along with each other. Teamwork does not always come naturally. You need to listen to each other, and consider what each member of your Patrol has to say. When you decide on a course of action, such as how to do an activity or which meal to eat next, do it together and then support each other in implementing it. If the idea isn’t working, stop together and discuss the problem again.

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