What should my Patrol eat at State Rally?

The Bushwalking NSW website (www.bushwalkingnsw.org.au) has excellent information on food and what you could take.

It is suggested your Patrol cooks and eats together.  Here are some suggestions below.

  • Breakfast cereal, whatever you like, place a serving in a snap lock bag. You can either have long life milk or powdered; you can use the bag as a bowl. Put powdered milk in a separate bag and work out before you go how much water you will need to add (using your own cup). OR some instant porridge, you can get it in sachets (use 2) and add some brown sugar. Fruit and nut bar.
  • A sandwich from home. Nothing soggy like tomatoes. Add a piece of fruit and a drink.
  • Vita wheat biscuits, take some vegemite and cheese to put on them. Have a fruit and nut bar as well and some celery sticks. OR try making sandwiches using English muffins, they will last a while.
  • Make something at home like a curry or stew and freeze it, then re-heat in camp
    • Beef in black bean sauce, prepared at home & served on rice.
      • Ingredients, Beef cut into strips. Black bean and garlic paste – from Coles made by lee kum kee or perhaps a simmer sauce. Sugar, half a red capsicum, small onion, tin of bamboo shoots, 1 packet instant rice. Back Country cuisine (freeze dried) from Paddy Pallin or camping stores (says serves five, just enough for 3) or 90 second rice, put it in the pot and cook it through.
    • Spag Bol.
      • Minced beef either freeze dried mince (Back Country cuisine, freeze dried) from Paddy Pallin (~$9;) or use fresh beef and freeze. Quick cooking noodles or spiral pasta, onion flakes (spice section), dried mushrooms (spice section can be hard to find), semi dried tomatoes (store in a sealed Tupperware container, you can get vacuum sealed packs), spaghetti Bolognese mix (maggi or continental or just bring some spices), tomato paste.
    • Tuna and Deb.
      • Ingredients – Flavoured tuna sachet (1 each), in sandwich tuna section 100g, Deb (dehydrated Mashed Potato) dried peas and carrots (usually in tinned veggie section with Deb), onion flakes.

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