I am from a Venturer Unit or Rover Crew that is not associated with a Group. How do we upskill and transition into the New Youth Program?

Stand-alone Venturer Units and Rover Crews will be required to discuss with another Group in their geographical area who has a wider variety of Sections and agree to support each other with their respective transitions.

We want to ensure that there are strong support networks around all Groups and Sections during their transition and this will be achieved by Groups with larger varieties of Sections supporting stand-alone Units and Crews. During this process, you can expect the other Group to be actively liaising and meeting with you to support you through your transition, and they can expect your Unit or Crew to support the transition of the Group and the implementation of the New Youth Program into the younger Sections, as is expected with Venturer Units and Rover Crews associated with a Group.

It is encouraged that the Unit or Crew would consult a local Group before either Group or Section applies and that the connection for the period of the transition is noted on the application.

If you are unsure about this as a Venturer Unit or Rover Crew, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]

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