The youth members in some of our Sections are strongly associated with the youth members of another Group. Will this impact when we can transition?

It will depend on how closely associated the Groups are. When completing the New Youth Program Application, all Groups will have the option to nominate a maximum of 5 other Groups in their geographical area that they would like to upskill with. This is to ensure that Groups have a strong support network for their transition, and we believe that this support network will be made even stronger if it is made up of Groups that already have an established relationship.

It should be noted that this nomination is a matter of preference only and will depend on a variety of factors – most importantly, the readiness of the Groups you have nominated. You must also confirm that all Groups involved have discussed and agreed to transition together and that each individual Group submits their own application.

However, if your Group has a level of association where your youth members are completing significant portions, or the entirety, of their Award Scheme and Scouting journey with youth members from another Group (for example a combined Venturer Unit), both Groups must transition together. Individual Sections will not be permitted to transition separate to their Group. If your Section falls into this category, make sure that your Group Leader is aware and lets us know in your Application.

From here, we would recommend you begin discussions with the other Group about how you can best approach your transition, remembering to keep youth members at the centre, and then everyone involved should seek to support both Groups as you ensure that you are ready to transition into the New Youth Program.

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