Leaders whose Primary Appointment is NOT to a Youth Section

Grant Whitehorn

Current role within Scouts:
State Adviser (transferring to RC role in SCT Region) & Camp Warden/Staff, Camp Coutts

Will use the following approach:
Openly consult and communicate with other Leaders and Adult Supporters about their WHS concerns and help them to identify the risks and controls to prevent injuries so they can participate in a safe Scouting environment and deliver a quality program for our youth members.

Interested in representing the workgroup on health and safety matters because:
I believe I have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge of WHS legislation and best practice to help my workgroup understand what our regulatory compliance obligations are and share ideas about how to improve safe practices for all volunteers and employees across Scout NSW. I would also like to advocate on behalf of volunteers and employees to ensure their views and concerns are properly addressed and considered as part of all WHS decision-making processes.

Has first-hand experience in health and safety through: 
I started my journey in WHS in 1993 when I first became a member of the local Health & Safety Committee and a Health & Safety Representative for my workplace. This early experience turned into a life-long passion for championing safety and was the catalyst for my career in risk management and WHS. Over the past 26 years I have consulted to many organisations and held several leadership roles including Chief Risk & Safety Officer for NSW Ambulance, Chief Risk Officer with NSW Dept. Planning & Environment, Head of Risk & Business Resilience for Vodafone Australia and Director Enterprise Risk Management for the Dept of Defence. I also championed risk management and safety issues in my former role as CEO of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia, the professional Association for risk managers in Australia. My current role is National Enterprise Risk Manager for Pacific National, which has a very keen focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of a predominantly blue collar workforce. I am also the Deputy Chair of the HSC at Pacific National.

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