State and Region Office Employees

Tracey Hansford

Current role within Scouts:
Research Officer, State Scout Service Centre

Will use the following approach:
Liaising regularly with workers to hear and act upon their WHS issues.

Interested in representing the workgroup on health and safety matters because:
Although I no longer have an active role in WHS, I still have a passion for safety and maintaining safe work places for all employees and members. I practice safe work methods in Outdoor Recreational Activities and teach young people how to assess risk and identify hazards related to Outdoor Recreation.

Has first-hand experience in health and safety through: 
My interest and involvement in WHS began in 1988 when I started work with Brambles Australia.  As a part of my duties, I attended a number of in house courses related to WHS Management in the Transport Industry.  I was responsible for day to day management of Health and Safety Issues and initiating safe work methods within the transport (Removals Operations) at the Grace Domestic Removals Head Office in Lidcombe NSW.  My role then expanded to encompass NSW WHS Management along with my other duties.

I moved to GBC Australia in 1999 and became a staff representative on the WHS committee in a large manufacturing and wholesaling warehouse situation.  I spent 7 years on this committee.

I came to Scouts Australia NSW in August 2007 and was tasked with the responsibility of introducing safe work methods into Scouts NSW.  I wrote the first WHS Manual in 2012 and Spoke at the National Safety Conference on introducing formal WHS practices, compliant with the legislation of the day, into a workplace that had largely informal WHS practices and lacked documentation.  I introduced monitoring of WHS incidents and reporting on incident management to the then Scoutsafe Committee.

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