Loss of Income/Revenue: Due to the closures and/or measures related to COVID 19, we have had our bookings, income and/or usage suspended or shut down. Is there an assistance or relief for our Group for the loss in income?

With regard to losses regarding bookings, income, revenues, then please see the attached specific Crown Lands claim link to outline and make a claim for losses due to COVID 19 and NSW Health regulations.

As each claim is specific and may need detail known only to you, your Group or the Region, then the quickest way is for you to lodge the claim directly.

Whilst the Property team will assist by following up and liaising with Crown Lands upon receipt of claims, it is important that you as the representative of your business, outline your hardship claim.

Reference information needed to complete the Claims form

  • Financial impact – Profit and Loss, Income/Bookings cancellations
  • Re the relevant CLM (Crown Lands Manager): Type in  Scouts Australia NSW Branch
  • Re the areas on Insurance: Answer NO, there has been no insurance claim for financial hardship
  • Now, to lodge your claim for Crown Lands locations please complete the form via the following link: Crown Lands claim form

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