Is there any relief from local Councils?

We are aware that many local Councils are offering COVID-19 relief to many Community Groups, and/or Not for Profit groups such as Scouts NSW.

Councils across NSW may now offer differing forms of relief, which may include waived annual lease fees, levies, permit fees and water relief for a number of months as per the recent passage of legislation.

Local Government COVID 19 Regulation – April 2020 reference was just enacted in NSW Parliament and relevant sections have been highlighted, which spells out that Councils may waive these certain fees, levies etc. See attached resource here.

Due to the number of Councils affected which Scouts NSW has locations, all requests of Councils to seek relief should be co-ordinated through your Region Office as directed. Region Office Managers and Region Property Managers as directed by the Region Commissioner will coordinate Council requests for waivers, relief and other mitigating measures where available

We have provided a standard letter of address to your Region Office to assist in consistency with communication; and to standardise communication to your Council. We offer to assist, though appreciate that many Regions may already have templates prepared.

The State Property and Support office will continue to monitor, review and process local Council invoices as they are received and any credits, waivers, refunds etc. received will be processed for Groups if they are received.

If Groups receive any direct communication from Council,  please forward a  copy to the State Property team via: [email protected]

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