My Group has received its ticket order pack. Now what?

When your Scout Group receives your ticket order pack, please:

  1. Check the items within the pack against the list below:
    – Raffle ticket books as ordered
    – A Key Information Document*
    – Ticket Distribution Sheet*
    – Promotional posters x 3*
    – Ticket Return Summary (including Ticket Book Return List)*
    * An electronic copy of these items are also available from the Monster Raffle online portal after you log in
  2. Log in to the Monster Raffle online portal using your username and password to confirm tickets received are correct by going to My Orders/Confirm Receipt and click on ‘Received’
    (If you have forgotten your password, please use ‘Forgot your password?’ to reset).
  3. Use the Ticket Distribution Sheet to record who (i.e. families, students) each book is distributed to for selling.

If there are any issues with your tickets or ticket book order pack, please email [email protected] or call the Scouts Victoria Fundraising team on 03 8543 9808.

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