The presentation day

8:00 am Awardees roll-call at the Government House gate and then rehearsal.

9.00 am Awardees’ guests to enter the grounds of Government House and proceed directly to the Ballroom.

9.40 am Presentation and Ceremony, followed by refreshments on the arcade.

11:30 am Awardees and their guests depart Government House.

It is important that Awardees arrive by 8:00am and Guests arrive by 9.00am and are on time. The presentation runs to a very strict time table. Plan your trip well and allow extra travel time to ensure you arrive promptly at the Government House gate.

As there is an absolute restriction on the number of people who may be seated inside the Ballroom, you may invite up to three (3) family or friends as your guests. All Awardees and Guests will be required to be seated within the Ballroom of Government House during the ceremony. Guests are to assemble at the Government House gate by 9:00am.

Following receipt of your RSVP, State Scout Service Centre will issue the appropriate number of Tickets by email. As admittance is strictly a ticketed entry, it is important that you bring your tickets with you on the day.

Following the ceremony Her Excellency and Mr Wilson, and the Chief Commissioner meet Awardees and guests. All visitors are encouraged to briefly join them and may look around the grounds.

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