What to wear

A high standard of dress has always been an important and integral part of all presentation ceremonies at Government House.
Awardees are to wear the current uniform, as set out below. Variations are not allowed and will not be accepted. Anybody attending the ceremony whose dress does not meet the dress criteria stipulated may be refused permission to participate.
• Scout Shirt: dark blue, incorporating the Scout logo with short sleeve and a collar (the collar, yoke and outside of sleeves in the Section colour), pressed and tucked in.
• Long trousers (slacks) or skirt: light beige in colour and pressed.
• Belt should be black, dark brown or the current blue Scout belt with Scout buckle.
• Socks are to be beige cotton. Long Scout socks or white socks are not permitted.
• Footwear is to be either black or brown polished shoes. Joggers are not acceptable.
• Scarves are to be neatly rolled.
• Awardees and guests are reminded that the dress code within Government House does not permit non-religious headwear to be worn.

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