Scouts isn't just for youth members. In fact, our Adult Leaders and volunteers play an important role in the Association, sharing their love of adventure and desire to enrich young people’s lives.

Leaders are the backbone of Scouting, and are dedicated volunteers who care about the guidance and development of the young people in their Section as well as the community in which they live. They are responsible for helping to devise and deliver programs that support young people in reaching their potential.

Not only do Leaders help youth members develop valuable skills in an environment of responsible risk-taking, but they themselves develop a variety of skills in leadership, project management and event planning.

No prior experience is necessary to become a Scout Leader. All Leaders undergo training on all aspects of youth leadership, program planning, safety and other requirements. They are also given resources of program ideas to help them get started.

Leaders are required to attend:

  • Group meetings one night a week during school terms
  • A monthly Leaders meeting
  • Group activities, such as hiking or camping trips, which take place a few weekends during the year. 

Child safety is very important to Scouts. Therefore, along with training in child safety, Leaders must undergo a standard Police check to ensure the safety of our youth members.


“Being a Leader is a great way for me to participate in Scouts alongside my children, not to mention the feeling of pride I get in making a positive impact on the lives of young people.”

Why I Lead

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Leader in Scouting and hear from our extraordinary Adult Leaders here.

Learning Life Skills

Becoming a Leader offers:

  • Opportunities for social networking
  • A sense of personal satisfaction
  • Overseas travel
  • Leadership and management qualifications through recognition of prior learning
  • Family camps and activities
  • Ongoing personal development.

Males and females are equally involved.


a Leader


  • Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Read more about our CHILD SAFETY policies

    Whats Next?


    Whats Next?