Exploring the Australian outdoors with Cub Scouts!

Cub Scouts is the second Section of Scouts, for boys and girls aged 8 - 11. It focuses on exploring the outdoors and living an active lifestyle in a safe and friendly environment.

Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things! They are introduced to traditional Scouting skills such as tying knots and using a map and compass, and take part in outdoor adventures such as camping, rock climbing, abseiling, bushwalking, sailing, gliding and flying, canoeing, and billy-karting!

Cub Scout also learn valuable life skills such as leadership and taking responsibility for themselves. They are taught the value of citizenship and how to give back to their communities.

Each Cub Scout collects special badges to demonstrate their skills and achievements, and has the opportunity to achieve their Grey Wolf Award before moving onto the Scout section.


“I’ve had so much fun being a Cub Scout, trying out lots of activities such as canoeing and camping for the first time!”

Learning Life Skills

In Cub Scouts, young people learn about:

  • Natural environments
  • Local environment
  • Creativity
  • Health and first aid
  • Responsibility for self
  • Leadership and teamwork

Girls and boys are equally involved.




  • Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

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    Whats Next?


    Whats Next?