Award Scheme

Joey Scouts have a series of challenges aimed at the age group which allow Joey Scouts strive to earn a badge in a fun, and achievable way.

Each of these challenges can be done with the Joey's Mob. Some have sections that can be done with the Joey's family.

Care and Share Challenge

A month of special activities is organised by the Joey Scout Leader to help Joey Scouts understand the concept of caring and sharing in the community.

The Joeys look at different levels of caring and sharing, for friends, for the Scout Group, for the community... they learn that even small contributions add up and can make a difference. You might visit a local nursing home or make a contribution to a charity, help to tidy up the local park, or share something special with the Mob such as a new game that they have learned.

Buddy Mob Challenge

Joey Scout Mobs visit each other and share activities to help build a friendship between different Mobs and create new experiences.

Environment Challenge

The whole Joey Scout Mob undertakes four simple environment tasks to help develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment and a sense of responsibility towards it. The challenges include activities such as learning about native birds and animals, learning about native plants, collecting seeds and planting seedlings, learning about conservation and identifying weeds and pests, recycling and re-using, cleaning up litter, and participating in an environmental activity such as 'Clean Up Australia Day' or 'Murray Darling Rescue'.

There are four parts to the badge and all must be completed for the badge to be awarded.

Adventure Challenge

This challenge is designed to broaden each Joey Scout's life experiences through visiting places they might not usually visit, such as the beach, zoo, a museum, the bush or a farm.

To complete the challenge, each Joey must undertake two adventures and take picture, draw or write about them.

Promise Challenge

The Promise Challenge is an individual badge designed for the 7 year old Joey Scout. It is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section and has individual elements as well as activities to do with the Mob.

Achieving the Promise Challenge Badge helps older Joey Scouts to obtain a better understanding of  the Scout Promise and Law, the history of Scouting, and Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting. When each component of the Promise Challenge has been completed, it is submitted for approval by the State Commissioner for Joey Scouts.

Link Badge

The completion of the Link Badge prepares a Joey Scout for advancement to a Cub Scout Pack. While it is not a mandatory requirement for advancement up to the Cub Scout Section, it is a great way to acknowledge a Joey's fulfilment of all requirements. To be awarded a Link Badge, a Joey must:

  • Attend four Cub Scout meetings
  • Discuss their understanding and acceptance of the Cub Scout Promise and Law with the Cub Scout Leader
  • Know and understand the salute, Scout sign and left handshake
  • Discuss the going up and investiture ceremonies
  • Discuss being a Cub Scout with a future Sixer
  • Know the names of the Leaders in the Cub Scout Section
  • Understand the meaning of "good turns" and how important it is that Cub Scouts do a good turn
  • Hear how Scouting began and the first Jungle Story
  • Discuss the Pack visits with their Joey Scout Leader and Joey Mob

Link Badges are usually awarded in front of the Joey Scout Mob so it can inspire other Joeys to do the same. 

More information

Contact our membership hotline on 1800 SCOUTS (1800 726 887) or  [email protected] about the Joey Scout Award Scheme.

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    Scouts takes child safety seriously

    Scouts takes child safety seriously

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    Whats Next?