Youth Program Upskill – 13-14 March 2021

Rewatch the Sessions

Thank you so much for joining us to begin your transition to our Youth Program! Below you will find links to each Session recording from the weekend – click on the button to drop into the replay and follow along with the slides. Feel free to recap what you have learned or begin to take it in for the first time if you couldn't join us on the weekend. Below the recordings, please also find our Recaps for the sessions on Program components.

For the best experience, we recommend that you continue to interact with the training content using a computer.

Please make sure you reach out, using your support systems, whenever you need help throughout your transition journey. Feel free to share any success stories with us – we always love to see them. Good luck on your journey towards the exciting future of Australian Scouting!

Session Recaps

Below, you will find summary documents for each of the sessions on our Program components. They cover key concepts and provide additional assistance in conjunction with the other resources we have spoken about across the weekend.

To ask a question about the new Youth Program email [email protected]